BlindVue® System

BlindVue® 12.3”HD Electronic Camera Monitoring System



· BlindVue® system design is based on ECE/UN R46 Camera Monitoring System can replacement traditional mirrors with two high-definition cameras and 12.3 inch display.
· Compared with traditional mirrors. Display eliminate glare and the automatic adjustment of the screen’s brightness ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.
· BlindVue® system camera have the IP69K rating for dust and water resistance. BlindVue® also have heating function. it can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C.
· BlindVue® systems can replacement commercial Vehicle Class II and Class IV mirror regulations
· BlindVue® Class II and Class IV camera with wire dynamic range and Anti-Glare Coating technology, provide excellent images than traditional mirrors in any environment
· BlindVue® is complied with Camera Monitor Systems codes and regulations in Taiwan and European Union.
· UN/ECE R10、 R46、 VSCC 27-1、 23-2、 56-3、 19-1 type approvals

Compliance Certifications

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