2022 Taipei AMPA News

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AUTOEQUIPS Exhibits at Taipei AMPA 2022
Taipei AMPA is an international exhibition for auto parts. The exhibition will be held in Taipei on April 20. AMPA is the second largest auto parts exhibition in Asia, and it is also the first and must-visit annual event for Asian industry professionals.
AUTOEQUIPS has participated AMPA for 11 times. This year, our company will also share our new technology and development in the fields of AVM, ADAS, DVR, BSIS, CMS, Wireless products, and AI technology.
(Schematic diagram of AUTOEQUIPS' booth at Taipei AMPA series exhibition)
This exhibition will last until April 23rd. Our booth will be at K0516 in the Automotive Electronics Zone, Nangang Hall 1. We are looking forward to further cooperation with the industry!
Tangeng Advanced Vehicles - Alighter Electric Bus Exhibition

Since 2000 Autoequips has been developing and manufacturing many different kinds of cameras and monitors for different types of commercial vehicles.  Now our solutions reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind-spots and assisting drivers to manoeuvre safely.  Our product portfolio includes 360° commercial vehicle monitoring systems either with Blind Spot Detection Sensors or Microwave Radars, Camera Monitoring Systems (BlindVUE), Digital Video Recorders, Driver Monitoring System, Advanced Driver Assistance System, etc… 

Especially our BlindVUE system, which we just passed ECE R46 tests, has caught a lot of customers’ attention.  Not only because we are one of the few ODM manufacturers in the world awarded this R46 certificate but also because it provides driver wider viewing angle, no glare and reduced light reflection, better visibility at night and better visibility in the rain too. Camera is with heating function too. It even improved the aerodynamics which contributes to lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance.  In other words, not only driver can drive more safely on the road to prevent collisions but save cost too.

Autoequips is committed to making roads and environment safer for all.  We will continue to develop new solution following ECE regulation roadmap.  For example, using our AI Deep Learning technology to develop the R151 Blind Spot Information System (BSIS ) using not just camera but also with radars.  Let’s move together to better safety driving environment.