The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is aimed at increasing the safety of HGVs over 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London.
From October 2024, a minimum 3-star rating (currently 1-star) will be required for HGVs to continue operating within the enforcement area.
A PSS Kit (Progressive Safe System) is required for any HGVs who do not meet the 3-star rating from manufacturer.
Permits granted following October 2024 will be valid until the 28th of October, 2030.

Autoequips have both rigid and articulated vehicle compatible PSS kits to help fleet operators with DVS 2024.

If your vehicle does NOT meet the required star rating, a DVS Progressive Safe System is required to be granted a Permit.
**The DVS Progressive Safe System is a number of vehicle safety technologies that is retrofit on a vehicle in order to increase its indirect vision and meet the necessary rating.



If your HGVs weigh over 12T, are rated 3 stars or below, and you are travelling or operating within Greater London, then you will need a DVS Progressive Safe System in place from 28th October 2024.


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Start a new journey and create a new future
Start a new journey and create a new future
                       ———— The first "Market Oath Ceremony" of AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group was successfully held
On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, with the strategy deployment of AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group, the management teams from four places across the Taiwan Strait held the "The First Group Market Oath-taking Conference and Annual Business Target Responsibility Letter Signing Ceremony" at the Huizhou base. This moment is destined to be engraved in the development history of the AUTOEQUIPS Group, because it is not only a key milestone in the development history of the group, but also the starting point for us to embark on a new journey together.
The first swearing-in meeting is of great significance. It marks that in the new year, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group will move towards in-depth expansion of the global market with clearer goals and determined steps. This is an important event for us to build consensus internally and coordinate with our external goals.
This conference mainly focuses on "2023 business summary, commercial vehicle market industry insight analysis, corporate vision and values clarification, strategic decoding, and 2024 tough battles and business goals".
Our Chairman redefined the group's vision, all AUTOEQUIPS colleagues were aligned towards the values of "Innovation, Pursuit of excellence; Responsibility, Sharing the future".
At the conference, CEO summarized the business of the past year. He mentioned that under the strong pressure of the external environment, the hard-won achievements of the AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group were achieved through the joint efforts of all AUTOEQUIPS people, and he hopes to create greater glory in 2024.
During the meeting, the head coaches of the seven tough battles which are company's must-win battles in 2024, signed a target responsibility letter with the general manager, and the heads of each department also signed a department performance commitment letter in 2024.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Fu is the company’s management consultant, summarized his comments:
1. In this market conference, each department will achieve success through organizational performance, pursue excellence, and be consistent and aligned with corporate values, playing a very good guiding role;
2. By focusing on "customer-centricity" in the organization, we will be able to achieve the company's strategic goals in 2024;
3. The management problems discovered during the enterprise management diagnosis were immediately reformed, which shows the enterprise's courage and determination to reform. I believe that the organization will work together to achieve strategic goals in 2024.
Finally, the Chairman’s wishes: After a long and prosperous journey, AUTOEQUIPS will embark on a new journey, strategize and share the future!
EU regulatory products were supplied to international automotive factory that successfully pass the test of Spanish vehicle certification.
EU regulatory products were supplied  to international  automotive factory that successfully pass the test of Spanish vehicle certification.

After experiencing the impact of the pandemic, the commercial vehicle industry has a new opportunity with the increasing demand for logistics and transportation, as well as passenger transport and trip. Emerging forces in the industry continue to surface, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group with its years of overseas market experience and professional technical strength, actively supports these new forces to grow up, making "Made in China" shine again on the international stage.

AUTOEQUIPS Technology has become one of the first batch companies which has passed the international security standard ISO 21434, meeting the requirements of UN ECE R155 network security and UN ECE R156 software updated (UDS updated) development processes. We have rich practical experience and has applied them in major overseas OEMs

In December 2023, a new vehicle model from a Vietnamese emerging automotive manufacturer, which integrated with AUTOEQUIPS Technology's globally unique fusion technology (AI vision + radar solution), adhering to EU regulatory standards, successfully passed the whole vehicle testing at the IDIADA certification agency in Spain. This marks that AutoEquips' technical strength in the field of automotive safety, especially its professional capabilities for EU regulatory products, has been verified and approved again.

Successful completion of certification testing
At present,the European Union has issued three regulations regarding blind spot monitoring: UN ECE R151, UN ECE R158, and UN ECE R159. All three regulations were forcible execution on 6th July, 2022.  UN ECE R151  Blind Spot Information Systems (BSIS) mainly monitors the right blind spot of left-hand drive vehicles. UN ECE R158 Rear-View Monitoring Systems,which designed to monitor the rear blind spot when the vehicle is reversing. UN ECE R159 Moving Off Information System (MOIS) for monitoring the front blind spot of the vehicle related to pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, there are other regulations such as EU GSR 2021/1341 for Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning Systems (DDAW) and EU 2021/1958 for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). 

AUTOEQUIPS Technology complies with all European standard regulatory requirements, equipped with system failure and self-check modes. The systems adhere to rigorous international safety standards such as ISO 21434 and ISO 26262 with development process, software updated and management. It provides important support and reliable guarantee for automotive enterprises to enter the international market.

AUTOEQUIPS Technology's full range of products complies with European standard regulations,mainly as below( including but not limited to):
Since its establishment in 2000, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group has consistently explored the field of on-board safety for commercial vehicles. The products have been passed various domestic and international certifications, including rigorous international safety standards such as ISO 26262 and ISO 21434. The company has been paying attention to EU regulations since 2019, and won Germany's first ABE certification in that year. In 2021, it won the EU first batch of R46 electronic rearview mirror certification. So far, AUTOEQUIPS Technology's electronic rear-view mirrors have accumulated over 200,000 kilometers.For the above actual journey, product reliability and stability are fully guaranteed.

With its production base covers an area of over 32,000 square meters and a professional global after-sales service team, AUTOEQUIPS can quickly respond  and fulfill customer orders.
In the future, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group will continue to leverage its technological advantages and innovation capabilities. It aims to establish deep strategic partnerships with major domestic original equipment manufacturers, jointly promote the progress of safe driving perception systems for commercial vehicles, and strive to establish a leading position in the industry.
AUTOEQUIPS Technology EU Regulation Products Help Domestic Automobile Manufacturers Pass the Full Vehicle Certification
Global unique market integration technology solution (vision + radar) in compliance with EU regulations, AUTOEQUIPS Tech assists domestic automotive manufacturers in obtaining whole vehicle certification

In recent years, stimulated by factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the increasingly challenging international environment, foreign companies have faced obstacles in their supply chains and raw materials. Combined with the rising cost-effectiveness of China's commercial vehicle supply chain, this has driven an annual increase in the export volume of Chinese commercial vehicles. Starting in 2021, there was a rapid surge in exports, and in 2022, the export of commercial vehicles soared to 582,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 44.9%, maintaining a high level and effectively boosting overall industry growth. The overseas export volume of commercial vehicles has repeatedly reached new highs, and expanding into international markets has become a crucial strategy for Chinese commercial vehicle companies. In this context, AUTOEQUIPS Tech Group, with its many years of experience in overseas markets and professional technical capabilities, has provided strong support for domestic automotive manufacturers to enter the European market.

In November 2023, the Fucheng Allenbus hydrogen fuel cell passenger bus J9, equipped with AUTOEQUIPS Tech's EU regulatory compliance technology, successfully passed the whole vehicle testing with the joint efforts of Fucheng Allenbus, Guangzhou Zhongqi Research, AUTOEQUIPS Tech, and others. This marks the validation and recognition of AUTOEQUIPS Tech Group's technical strength in the field of automotive safety, especially with regards to EU regulatory compliance. During this certification process, AUTOEQUIPS Tech leveraged its years of experience in international OEM whole vehicle certification, making the certification process extremely efficient. In addition to this achievement, AUTOEQUIPS Tech has become the first company in China to comply with international safety standards ISO 21434 for network security and UN ECE R156 software updates (UDS updates), and possesses rich practical experience to help automotive companies seize early opportunities in overseas markets.

Successfully completed certification testing

Currently, the European Union has issued three regulations regarding blind-spot monitoring, namely UN ECE R151, UN ECE R158, and UN ECE R159, all of which became mandatory on July 6, 2022. UN ECE R151 focuses on the Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) primarily monitoring the right-side blind spot of left-hand-drive vehicles. UN ECE R158 pertains to the Reversing Monitoring System, which primarily monitors the blind spots at the rear of vehicles during reversing. UN ECE R159 relates to the Mobile Object Information System (MOIS), which primarily monitors the blind spots in front of vehicles.
AUTOEQUIPS Tech offers a full range of EU standard regulatory-compliant solutions, all of which include system failure and self-check modes, in compliance with strict international safety standards such as ISO 21434 and ISO 26262 for development processes, software updates, and management. This provides crucial support and reliable assurance for automotive companies venturing into international markets.

AUTOEQUIPS Tech's full range of EU standard regulatory-compliant solutions includes the following:

Since its establishment in 2000, AUTOEQUIPS Tech Group has consistently focused on exploring the field of commercial vehicle onboard safety. Its products have undergone numerous domestic and international standard certifications, as well as reliability certifications, including stringent international safety standards ISO 26262 and ISO 21434. The company began paying attention to EU regulations in 2019 and was awarded Germany's first ABE certification in the same year. In 2021, AUTOEQUIPS Tech received the first batch of R46 electronic mirror certifications from the European Union. As of now, AUTOEQUIPS Tech's electronic mirrors have accumulated over 200,000 kilometers of actual road usage, ensuring the reliability and stability of their products.
AUTOEQUIPS Tech owns a production facility covering an area of over 36,000 square meters and is supported by a dedicated global after-sales service team, allowing them to respond rapidly and fulfill customer orders. In the future, AUTOEQUIPS Tech Group will continue to leverage its technological expertise and innovation capabilities, establish deep strategic partnerships with major domestic automotive manufacturers, and collectively advance the progress of commercial vehicle safety perception systems. Their commitment is to establish a leadership position in the industry.
AUTOEQUIPS Obtained ISO26262 Certificate
        August 8, 2022, AUTOEQUIPS officially obtained the development process for automotive up to ASIL-D certification certificate of the international standard ISO26262:2018 FSMS (Functional Safety Management System) issued by the international accreditation organization DEKRA. ASIL-D is the highest rating of automobile safety integrity level (ASIL) in the industry. Obtaining this certification further indicates that our R&D capability has reached a high level in the industry.
        ISO 26262 is a globally recognized automotive functional safety standard, as well as one of the mandatory access standards for the security industry in Europe, America and China. It covers functional safety management, concept、system、software and hardware stage development, supports the entire life cycle of process, safety analysis, product release, est. By the guidance and application of standardized technical specifications, the functional failure of safety-related electronic products can be avoided, and the related traffic accidents and potential recall risks can be reduced.
        AUTOEQUIPS passed the ISO26262 process certification, which indicates that the R&D team of AUTOEQUIPS is in the ranks of "international advanced, domestic first-class".It means that AUTOEQUIPS has made an all-round promotion from development process to the quality system, which helped AUTOEQUIPS to further conform to the strict international automotive hardware and software standards in terms of technology and products. It will lay a solid foundation for becoming a domestic and even international leading supplier of vehicle intelligent safety video system, and help customers build a more efficient and one-stop driving system that meets functional safety requirements.
        In the future, AUTOEQUIPS will not only continue to upgrade its production capacity based on the professional R&D platform but also accelerate product R&D progress and functional deployment, launch more safe, advanced and reliable products.
AUTOEQUIPS CMS attracted international attention
Recently, the Camera Monitoring System (CMS) for commercial vehicles developed by AUTOEQUIPS was completed. AUTOEQUIPS created an intelligent driving assistance system for commercial vehicles. As soon as the electric bus appeared in Kaohsiung and Taipei for trial operation, it attracted the attention of the industry, and it has been listed on the top news of automobile columns such as Business Weekly, Foresight, and Liberty Times, ect .
Camera Monitoring System(CMS), is a product combination based on Camera and Monitor. It can replace the traditional rearview mirror and enhance the driver's visual perception around and behind the vehicle. Our CMS product is the BlindVue® system, which has passed the rigorous tests domestic and abroad. The BlindVue® system is currently EU UN/ECE R46 R10 and Taiwan VSCC optical, vehicle and electromagnetic certified.
The system replaces traditional mirrors with two high-definition Cameras and a 12.3-inch Monitor. Compared with the traditional rearview mirror, it can not only eliminate the interference of glare and reflected light, but also improve the visibility at night and in rainy days (the camera also has a heating and defrosting function). And it has  dustproof and waterproof rating of IP69K. It can also reduce the wind resistance of the vehicle itself, therefore it can also reduce fuel consumption and maintenance and warranty costs.
AUTOEQUIPS is committed to making the driving and working environment safer. In the future, AUTOEQUIPS will take this cooperation with commercial vehicle OE makers as an opportunity to continue to focus on the research and development of automotive electronic products such as electronic rearview mirrors, and keep promoting to customers through technological innovation and hope to become the most trusted partner of intelligent car customers.
AUTOEQUIPS was founded in 2000.
AUTOEQUIPS is a technology-leading vehicle security imaging system equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Our company has successfully passed the ISO9001 and TS16949 .
Since its establishment, the company's products have maintained a good partnership with major automobile manufacturers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Japan for a long time by virtue of its excellent quality and perfect style.
We warmly welcome you to join us.